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Enable students to become social and active learners. With V-Smart’s features designed for digitally literate students, your entire class can truly immerse themselves in a digital universe of learning.

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Facilitate a collaborative learning environment with V-Smart’s exciting features designed for a 21st-century classroom.

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Manage your entire school’s data, LMS, and important files with or without access to the Internet!

Why V-Smart?

Your school's learning management system and mobile social learning platform.


free digital learning objects, including 500 interactive drills, simulations, and games aggregated from over a decade’s worth of Vibal’s acclaimed student CD-ROMs and multimedia.

e-textbook reader

seamlessly integrates Vibal’s e-textbooks with the e-learning system.

learning management system

offers automatic student grade books, plus customizable assessment and learning analytics.

Classroom and mobile device management system

instantly controls your students’ tablets to enable forced reading, locking, screen sharing, and classroom activity monitoring.

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National Federation of V-Smart Schools

Be part of a growing list of schools that are enjoying the benefits of a truly 21st century classroom powered by integrated e-learning solutions.


Product Package

Creating your digital school of the future has never been so easy and affordable! Start your school's digital learning universe with V-Smart's exciting suite of e-learning solutions.

  • Technology packaged with pre-configured hassle-free solutions with included technical support

  • Free teacher training

  • Guaranteed on-site visits

  • Interactive Textbooks

  • Your superior learning and teaching tool

  • Visualization and rich media to facilitate learning with deep experiences

  • Built-in study aids such as glossary lists and look-up tables

  • Hyperlinks to internal resources and reliable web resources

  • Interactivity encourages on-the-spot quizzes and game-like simulations